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In Meemure, the most well-known settlement in Knuckles, there is a peak known as Lakegala, which many people enjoy visiting. Lakegala is a mountain that can be climbed, even though it appears like a triangle mountain that can only be scaled on one foot.

There is no doubt that Lakegala is a well-known mountain among tourists from various countries. The Triangular Peak, which can only be found in Sri Lanka, is an excellent illustration of this. Lakegala is the only mountain that requires climbers to experience rock climbing techniques. The ideal location to observe the triangle shape of the Lakegala site is in the center of the Meemure settlement. Meemure can see Lakegala, which is connected to another mountain located in the area behind it. It is known as Meeriyagolla, and the Komalewa Rock is the other related mountain.

Narangamuwa Lakegala gets its name because it is just across from the Narangamuwa settlement, which is situated at the foot of the Komalewa rock. There are three peaks here, but they are merged into one; hence the locals call it Gal Thuna (Three Rocks). From any of the four corners of Knuckles, the view of these three rocks will be stunning. For example, those from Yahangala, Alugal Kanda, Wamarapugala, and Thunhisgala.

How To Find Lakegala Tour Guide

As a traveler or researcher, you can encounter many things like waterfalls, caves, fauna and flora, poisonous animals, poisonous trees, and more in this area. Considering these facts finding a licensed and experienced guide is the best way to touch knuckles and Confirm your and your’s team safety. Considering this matter, Knuckles Adventure offers a trusted, licensed, and experienced travel guide for your unforgettable Knuckles journey.

Lakegala is one of the most challenging hikes in Sri Lanka, so we offer you the best Knuckles hiking guides, hiking & camping gear, hotels & lodges, and must-visit places in the Riverstone and Knuckles mountain range through our services.

The Perfect guide is like a compass. When hiking to Lakegala, finding the right guide is the most important thing to deciding whether your journey is the best. We suggest a licensed and experienced guide to fulfill your adventure through us.

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